Audio + Review: Brett Mitchell and The Cleveland Orchestra perform "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Brett Mitchell is featured in Episode 237 of  The IndyCast .

Brett Mitchell is featured in Episode 237 of The IndyCast.

Brett Mitchell is featured in the current episode of The IndyCast, previewing his performances of Raiders of the Lost Ark with The Cleveland Orchestra that closed the 2016 Blossom Music Festival over Labor Day Weekend.

The program also includes a review of the performance given on Saturday, September 3: 

The Cleveland Orchestra, Brett Mitchell - could not ask for a better performance. Spot on. Every punch, every whip crack, every crash, every explosion, every little moment, every little beat - all timed out perfectly.

There’s not much that can recapture the feeling of seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time, but this...comes awfully close.

To listen to or download this episode, please click here. Mr. Mitchell's interview begins at 1:09:50. The review begins at 1:53:00.