Profile: "Note Giver: Conductor Brett Mitchell wants to experience music with you"

Cleveland Magazine has published a profile of Brett Mitchell in their June 2015 issue, chronicling his 35-year musical journey from jazz and pop roots in his hometown of Seattle to being named The Cleveland Orchestra's first Associate Conductor in more than three decades.

Brett Mitchell wants to share—no, needs to share—the music he hears. "I find music, that for one reason or another, moves me, touches me," he says. "I share that with as many people as I can." Gregarious and often dramatic, Mitchell plays the piano as effortlessly as he talks, often falling into song as a soundtrack to demonstrate his point. Simply talking about the act of conducting, Mitchell often motions with his hands as if he's channeling energy to his musicians, who then transmit that force back out to the audience. Without all the necessary components, his desire to spread music falls flat. "You want to watch me do my job without musicians?" he says with a laugh. "It's just me moving my arms. That's sad and weird and creepy."

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