Preview: "Cleveland Orchestra expects 'Back to the Future' show to be blast from the past"

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) has published a preview of The Cleveland Orchestra's upcoming performance of Back to the Future, featuring Alan Silvestri's classic score led by Associate Conductor Brett Mitchell.

The Cleveland Orchestra isn't taking on "Back to the Future" because it's a cult classic or the year 2015 figures into its plot. It's playing the film because, like the soundtracks to "Psycho," "Fantasia" and others, the score by Alan Silvestri is genuinely worth playing. "The greatness of the music matters to us," Mitchell explained. "If you look at the caliber of projects we've chosen to do lately, you see we consider films only if the music in them is also great."

To read the complete preview, please click here. To purchase tickets to the event, presented this Thursday, December 10 at 7:30 p.m. at Severance Hall, please click here.