Review: "SBSO's 'American Valentine' better than a box of chocolates"

Janet Martineau has published a review of the second subscription concert of Brett Mitchell's first season at the helm of the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra. "All the orchestra and its maestro Brett Mitchell had to do was deliver on the goods... and oh my goodness did they ever deliver on the goods. Collectively every single section of the orchestra got its moment to shine. Those strings just ached and shimmered in the Barber. The brass was so bold in the Dvorák. The percussionists bombastic in the Bernstein. And ya gotta love a conductor who follows the full-of-energy, sassy, jazzy, cocky West Side Story Overture with the quiet and introspective Adagio for Strings that just builds from the deepest of the strings to a fevered high pitch of angst so intense one fears the violin strings will snap and break.”