Review: "Saginaw's 'Shakespearean Dreams' a true testament to the power of collaboration"

The Saginaw News has published a review of the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra's most recent subscription concert, featuring a semi-staged production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream with Mendelssohn's Overture and complete Incidental Music. "Last May, when conductor Brett Mitchell closed the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra season with an eye-opening performance of Beethoven’s Ninth, his father warned him that he’d set the bar dangerously high for coming concerts. Saturday, Mitchell kicked it out of the stratosphere. Nothing could have prepared the Temple Theatre audience for the realization of 'Shakespearean Dreams,' the collaboration of the symphony, the Saginaw Choral Society and Pit and Balcony Community Theatre that somehow melded into an explosion of the senses." To read the complete review, please click here.